Westley Richards

EVERY SPORTSMAN'S BATTERY will contain at least one bolt action sporting rifle, a model which has remained principally unchanged in over a hundred years. During this time, Westley Richards has supplied over 10,300 variants of this type. These rifles have seen use on every continent in the hands of dedicated hunters seeking game from the mountains of Asia to the plains of Africa and beyond.


Westley Richards
At Westley Richards every bolt action rifle is refined to meet the client's actual hunting needs, be it a light compact stalking rifle or a heavy dangerous game rifle. This is achieved by using the
Mauser Bolt Action Rifle '98 action in its 4 variants, Short, Intermediate, Standard and Magnum, which allow appropriate scaling, weight and balance relative to the calibre chosen.

Westley Richards

Every bolt action rifle will have the essential components of a barrel, action and stock. In its simplest form these parts, combined with just a suitable optic sight will provide a superb lightweight sporting rifle.

Alternatively there are a range of options for fixed sights, stock shape, the option of a take down format, and elaborate decoration from which you can choose and build the rifle that meets your needs.

Westley Richards
At Westley Richards the bolt action rifle is an important cornerstone of our gunmaking. It is quite normal for the first order from a customer to be a bolt action rifle. Our aim has always been to exceed the clients expectations by delivering

what we believe to be the finest of its kind made in England today, not only in terms of mechanics but also in looks. We like to think the bolt action rifle is the start of the journey with a client, a journey that will hopefully be a long one.

"I can only give your .425 magazine rifle the highest praise. Had I only possessed such a
rifle in my old elephant hunting days I am sure I could have killed three or four times as
many elephants as I actually laid low"

Features & options

With every commission being made to specific instructions we are able to offer many options in order to create your perfect rifle. Below you will find illustrated the common features found in the bolt action rifle together with some of the many options we offer.

For an indication of the costing please proceed to the build your gun section where you are able to
select options which interest you and obtain an indication of the cost for your personal rifle. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email us with your query.