Westley Richards
A DOUBLE RIFLE we believe should, above all else, provide you the sportsman, with a feeling of confidence, a sense of security with your choice of firearm. This single piece of equipment will be held responsible not only for the ultimate success of the hunt but also for your protection in the event of any danger. Our hand detachable lock double rifles come with over 100 years of hunting heritage and detailed development and are widely recognized as one of the finest double rifles available to sportsmen today. A bespoke Westley Richards double rifle is made solely for you, to give you the confidence and security you seek to take on any challenge.

Westley Richards

Built without compromise

For Westley Richards & Co. the double rifle represents the pinnacle of gun making. Here we understand the demands of hunting dangerous game and the expectations on the rifle, so we carefully build each and every piece we make to not only meet but to exceed these expectations.

Our rifles are all built by hand by craftsmen who are expert in their field, be it barrel filer, actioner or stocker. On average it takes 600 hours to make a droplock rifle and while there are clear targets set out for the work on each individually commissioned rifle, it cannot leave our hands until everything is 100% perfect.


As an owner of a Westley Richards droplock double rifle you will be joining an elite group of hunters who have chosen our rifles for their sport in Africa. Legendary elephant hunter James Sutherland carried a .577, George Eastman chose a pair of .470's for his well documented Safari's, Count Alfred Potocki, Ernest

Hemingway, and Stewart Granger also carried .577's.
Today professional hunters and discerning sportsmen alike make the Westley Richards droplock their rifle of choice, a choice based on heritage, practicality and quality.

Why choose a WR Droplock

The unique action of the Westley Richards droplock is what sets it apart from any other double rifle action design. The ease with which the seven-piece lockwork can be detached by hand from the action makes routine maintenance in the field a simple procedure. Combine this with the inherent strength of the patent Model C dolls head fastening system and you have the most practical and reliable rifle available.

Truly Bespoke

Every droplock rifle supplied is meticulously prepared for the hunting field. The perfectly regulated chopper lump barrels are fitted with a choice of Express rear sights and our patent combination foresight with day/moon bead and hinged protector. A choice of single selective or two triggers is available and around these functional mechanical aspects we will create a fully bespoke rifle of perfect fit and balance with attention taken down to the very last details like spare foresight beads and strikers. A wide variety of action sizes allow us to offer this model in most available calibres from the smallest .22 to the largest .700.

Features & options

With every commission being made to specific instructions we are able to offer many options in order to create your perfect rifle. Below you will find illustrated the common features found in the droplock rifle together with some of the many options we offer.

For an indication of the costing please proceed to the build your gun section where you are able to select options which interest you and obtain an indication of the cost for your personal rifle. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email us with your query.