Westley Richards

IF ANY ONE product epitomizes Westley Richards, it is the hand detachable lock action. First introduced, almost by chance, in 1897, it was the result of an instruction to the workshop foreman to conceal the various pins visible on the Anson & Deeley action. This was achieved by mounting the working parts of the gun lock to internal plates which in turn were kept in position by the action floorplate. Today we are proud to offer this unique model of gun in all the gauges from .410 to 4 and each on a correctly scaled action.


Westley Richards
Known in the USA as a droplock, this model of shotgun has seen a huge revival since the company focused on its manufacture once again in 1987.
This revival can be attributed to the lively handling of the guns in all the sizes we offer for every type of sport, from the 4lb 8oz .410 for quail, through to the 20lb 4 gauge goose gun.

" all the important improvements of the past century, both in design and mechanism, are embodied in the Westley Richards
hammerless ejector gun with the addition of the perfect detachable lock and only reliable one trigger mechanism"

A H Gale 1912

"so simple, so speedy, and withal so thoroughly effective that it must compel the instant admiration of those who time, neatness and efficiency are matters of moment"

"It is probable that in double sporting guns no higher pitch of efficiency than is represented by a hammerless ejector fitted with such locks as these can be attained" W R & CO CENTENARY CATALOGUE, 1912

Features & options

With every commission being made to specific instructions we are able to offer many options in order to create your perfect rifle. Below you will find illustrated the common features found in the droplock rifle together with some of the many options we offer.

For an indication of the costing please proceed to the build your gun section where you are able to select options which interest you and obtain an indication of the cost for your personal rifle. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email us with your query.