Westley Richards

ALTHOUGH THE SIDELOCK gun is commonly associated with London makers,Westley Richards have been making guns to this format since the transition from external hammer guns. The sidelock gun allows for a sleek action design and one which provides a much larger canvas for the engravers art.
We have taken what we feel are the finest details from the many shapes of gun produced over the years and offer our sidelock range based on a fully hand shaped round body action. To this we have added an assisted opening system in order to create a sleek, fast, responsive and elegant gun.

Westley Richards

Built without compromise

Our sidelock guns are made in the tradional fashion, from a set of gun machinings which are the same as they have been for over a century. Every component of the gun is fitted to exacting tolerences in the traditional manner using smoke. We are one of the only gunmakers remaining who build our guns as an individual commission rather than an assembly.

This is how we acheive the unique feel and balance of our guns, details which can only be truly appreciated when handled and even compared to other makes. The favourable cost base of manufacturing we have in Birmingham is reflected in the price of our guns, this should never be interpreted to mean lesser quality than London guns but rather much better value.

"Westley Richards sidelock shotguns are built with real care, professionalism and pride by a
combination of methods. Best Birmingham has always been as good as anything available"

Choosing a WR Sidelock

Your gun will only be started when you are happy with the specifications. Being fully bespoke, every detail will be as required and not influenced by any 'in stock' work. The barrel length which is so individual and dependent on the sport, will be as required, as will the type of rib, chamber length and chokes. Triggers can be single or double and combined with the stock shape of your preference. Stock measurements will be acurately taken in the field and the preferred point of balance of the gun will be determined. Having arrived at the details essential to provide you with a perfectly suited sporting gun we will then discuss the embellishment which is there to enhance the lines of the gun and skills of our gunmakers and not to disguise, as in many cases, a hastily and badly made gun.

We hope our enthusiasm for our sport and knowledge of our product will be apparent in this process and our goal is always to make a unique gun for you and for the generations that succeed you.


Features & options

With every commission being made to specific instructions we are able to offer many options in order to create your perfect shotgun. Below you will find illustrated the common features found in the sidelock shotgun together with some of the many options we offer.

For an indication of the costing please proceed to the build your gun section where you are able to select options which interest you and obtain an indication of the cost for your personal shotgun. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email us with your query.